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Platform features

We are a complete end-to-end platform.
Show us your product, and we will take care of the rest.

Efficient 3D Scanning

We utilize the most appropriate method to scan your product, to the quality you desire. We can even produce scans within hour delivery times!

3D Data IT

Search your products by geometry and constituents (e.g. ingredients). We also do custom application designs to take your product to impossible places!

Showcase on any device

Showcase your 3D models anywhere, in any format. From kiosks to iOS to Android to HoloLens to the Oculus and HTC Vive—and more!

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Some examples of our scans from some notable clients.

Wagyu - Special Plating

Atelier Crenn

Dry Aged Tuna

Atelier Crenn

A Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Dessert

Atelier Crenn


How we perfectly digitize your products into holograms.

  • Step 1 - Reality Capture

    Scanning Session

    We work with your pipeline.

    • Setup your product for photography: Light up your product for beautiful pictures.
    • Take 50-250 overlapping photos around your product (covering everything).

  • Step 2 - Conversion

    Digitization Processing

    We convert your product into a high quality 3D model. Normal turnover time takes 1-2 weeks. Rush processing within the hour also available by request.

  • Step 3 - The Hologram

    AR, VR and beyond!

    Your product is conveniently available in full 3D — as a hologram in augmented reality or virtual reality — fully indexed for 3D search.

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